…of misery…

  • 11/04/2018

Dear Readers,

in the last 2 weeks I attended two more Scrimmages of the renamed “Mensfelden Miners” Football Team,
and they couldn’t have been more diverse…

let’s start with “misery”

if you look it up in a dictionary you will get a description like

“…a state or feeling of great physical or mental distress…”

this is what I saw and felt watching the Miners go down against the “Black Goats” and this is what I wanted to show you with my pictures of that day

The “Miners” often couldn’t stop their opponent which resulted into a lot of lost yards or even touchdowns



this is one of the rare tackles without much progress of the “Black Goats”

“Closing the gap”


and if things are running worse, then there is also a lot of bad luck around the corner



there were a lot of discussions going on and all the arguing and encouragement didn’t pay out

“Knocked Down”


in the end the team had to pay the bill 😉

“More Pain”


have fun