VLN Round 7 “Grüne Hölle” – Race Track

  • 30/10/2017

Dear Readers,

here comes the second part of my “report” from the VLN Endurance Race Round 7 at the Nürburgring.
This time with pictures from the Race Track.

While the Drivers were doing their Warmup-Training, we also started with taking our first pictures of the day.
Placing ourselves at turn 15 of the Grand-Prix-Course (Exit of NGK-chicane), doing Panning Shots was our first task.

here are two of them



We then moved over to the Mercedes Arena (turns 1 to 5) where we stayed on the inside of the track during Warmup and changed
to the outside for the Race Start.

“Mercedes Arena”


Finally we left for the Nordschleife 🙂

I haven’t been there very often, but every time I was fascinated by that course so naturally blended into the landscape.
With all its legends and tragedy from the past to present it almost feels alive.

Overall we visited four famous places…
here there are

“Nordschleife Schwalbenschwanz”


“Nordschleife Brünnchen”


“Nordschleife Eiskurve”


“Nordschleife Pflanzgarten”


have fun