Limburg Mustangs vs. Hunsrück Protectors

  • 28/05/2017

Dear Readers,

after a two years break the local American Football Team “Limburg Mustangs” was reunited
some months ago. The first judging of their performance was a so called “Scrimmage” and
they invited the “Hunsrück Protectors” for that Training Game.

As I am interested in American Football for several years, now, I was eager to support them
gaining more publicity. Actually they were looking for a photographer to get some Team Member
Portraits and in-game Action shots. The Portraits were done during the training sessions
shortly before the Scrimmage. I will add some to the Portrait Section soon.

Today’s Post is about the in-game shots.

have fun

“First Down”

“Direct Hit”




“Running Game”


“Passing Game”