Birds of Prey and Owls demonstration

  • 09/08/2016

Dear Readers,

some days ago my wife and I visited the well known falconry at Castle Ronneburg.

Accompanied by another Photographer (specialised in Birds of Prey Photography) and the two falconers of course,

I wanted to do a little Birds-in-flight- as well as Portraiture-Photography…

and we had a lot of fun



Besides the swiftness and sometimes erratic movements of the Birds I had to struggle with the limited space.

Usually the two falconers try to involve their audience by being very close to them so that everyone can see

and sometimes even touch or pet the tamed birds, but for a photographer this can be pretty tough.

It was hard to find  myself a place where I could shoot from a nice angle and also did not disturb any others.


here are my favorites Pictures


Siberian Eagle Owl


Ural Owl


Little Owl



The last two Pictures where taken against an overcast sky.

With the “burnt out” Background they look almost “arty” to me.


Harris Hawk




have fun