Dog Racing – European Championships 2015

  • 06/09/2015

Dear Readers,


I can’t believe it…

almost a year has passed since my last update…

but I prepared a few blog posts and they will go online in short


Today I want to show you my latest pix of the Dog Racing – European Championships 2015


It was a tough experience to set up the autofocus correctly and get sharp pictures

lying flat or kneeling behind a fence to get the best angle, I could not aim at the the hounds before they came around that corner

and they are sooo fast…each turn I had only about one second


I selected a series of four black & white as well as four colored pictures


I hope you like them

have fun



“Leader of the pack”


“Dogs in flight”




“…reminds of a movie…” 😉


“…they got focus, too…”


actually this was my first successfull pic
prefocussed on the bottom and shooting continuesly as they passed along


my black & white favorite